Anna Cascarina - The Forever Wardrobe

Anna Cascarina - The Forever Wardrobe

I have known the lovely Anna Cascarina for many years from both of our previous baby and kids businesses and now she’s setting the style world on fire. And she’s only gone and written a book! Number one bestseller in the Fashion & Style category on Amazon as well!! So as well as her fabulous insta account, @annacascarina and her styling work you can learn more style tips from the lady herself…

So Anna,  The Forever Wardrobe is your new book. Tell me more? 

The Forever Wardrobe is for anyone who wants help in creating a wardrobe full of pieces you love and that you wear again and again. It’s all about finding your style and creating a capsule wardrobe (whatever your style). There’s sections on colour, balance and proportions, rules, sustainability, accessories and loads more. 

Who is the book for? 

It’s for anyone who feels they have lost their way a bit with their wardrobe. For women who need help to cut through the noise to create a wardrobe full of forever pieces. 

What’s your style? 

My style is quite minimal and relaxed with a touch of modernity and avant garde elements. 

Favourite designer? 

Ooh I have a few. Tibi and The Row are probably at the top of the list. 

Favourite high street brand? 

I always head to Cos to find simple, high quality pieces that fit seamlessly in my wardrobe. 

Favourite season to dress for? 

Winter. I love a coat!

Dream collaboration? 

Dream collab would be with Net a Porter, Chanel Beauty or Cos/Arket. I’m manifesting. 

Shoes or bags? 

Ooh that’s a tough one. I like both! 

Fave Scott-Samuel product? 

In love with the woven leather baskets. So good. 

What’s next for you Anna? 

Next up is growing my Substack which is my weekly newsletter subscription. I share outfits, tips, fashion ideas and lots more. 

Has your style changed much over the years?

It’s definitely evolved. As my body and lifestyle has changed, my style has changed with it. I used to love more colour and big and bold detailing. Whereas now I gravitate towards a more minimalist aesthetic. 

The one best piece of style advice you’d give your younger self? 

Follow your own path. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. Style is about self expression. 

Anna x