Beret Styling

Beret Styling

It'I wrote this last year but guess what, it's Beret season again, so added a little updte I thought I would reshare. Good news for beret fans and I am a big beret fan. Word on the street is that berets are going to be everywhere this year. I would be wearing mine regardless though as I love the instant French girl chic adding a beret can bring.  

Things I love about a beret. They make me look and feel more together. They hide bad hair days and roots! They can be dressed up or down (I wear it with everything from a big winter coat, a blazer, a quilted jacket or a biker jacket). They can be worn inside and you don't get too hot. They can be worn on a night out.  They can bring a pop of colour to a neutral outfit or just add polish by choosing a tonal colour.

We have lots of gorgeous colour striped wool berets in stock, and they are 100% wool. Co-ordinate with your scarf, your gloves, your bag... the options are endless.

I thought I would bring you a bit of Beret Inspo, as they can actually look great with a lot of different outfit types. Here are some pics I sourced from Pinterest in brights and neutrals. Co-ordinating with outfits or providing a pop of colour. Once you try one, you’ll be hooked!

How to wear a beret. I like to wear mine on the side and kind of squished a bit flat against my head, which sounds weird but makes sense when you do it. I have seen them worn on the back too and more upright/ central but I like the side look best. Hair up or down both work with a beret, a bit of a fringe or a section of hair showing works well too. I actually think berets are flattering on most face shapes and hair styles (I even wore mine when my hair was cropped).

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