Festival Styling

Festival Styling

It’s that time of year again. With Glastonbury kicking it off next weekend, I thought I would take a look at some easy ways to update your festival look whatever your style. 

Festival Bags – for me it has to be a bumbag. I have lots of different bags that are also great for a festival, a fringed suede bag looks fab with a boho outfit, a studded crossbody bag… again looks great (black a bit more edgy, tan for a boho feel) but the reality for me is a leather bumbag is the most practical and easy bag for a festival. Whichever size you go for (depending on how much you want to cart around) we have got you covered. Personally I like the regular or large sling bag / bumbag (whatever you like to call them!). Silver or gold is always a good idea! With or without fringing!

Sunglasses – Fabulous sunglasses are a must. I hope that you will need them! If not, perch them on top of your head. Or just wear them anyway! My current faves re the tortoiseshell cat eye and the retro aviators. In fact the retro aviators in yellow or blue are great whatever the weather!

Sequin Capes – My Sequin capes are the easiest way to add a bit of sparkle to a simple outfit for a festival (or a concert). See the main pic above. They can be worn over a t shirt or vest and then later on when it cools down they can be thrown over a denim or khaki jacket to make it look like part of the jacket. I really love this and did it last year and will be repeating this year! The capes come in black/ silver, black/ gold, cream, blue or plain black. Cream or gold looks fab over khaki and the silver and blue look great over denim (as do the other colours too). These capes are also fab for Christmas party dressing or wedding guest outfits! I love wearing mine! £30 each. Shop sparkly capes here.


Metallic scarves – A metallic scarf is a super easy was to add some sparkle to your festival outfit whilst keeping warm when the temperature drops. These scarves come in black, silver, gold and rose gold. They look fab with leather, denim, khaki…

Kimono’s – I love a kimono in the Summer. Hence I have quite a lot of choice in this department… boho style fringed black kimonos, embroidered kimonos, lace kimonos (in black or cream), I have paisley kimonos and one of my absolute faves these shorter vintage style kimono jackets (various prints but the lilac tiger print would make a great festival outfit. Kimono’s are lso fab on holiday and for summer nights out, so are not a one off festival piece but a great addition to your wardrobe. Last year I wore the vintage style kimono jacket to a festival and I lost count of the amount of times I was stopped and asked where it was from. They look great over a vest top or t shirt and shorts/ jeans or over a simple sundress. I also have these fab  metallic ponchos and kimonos. Pictured below (available in silver, gold, metallic white and metallic black they are so easy to throw over a vest and shorts for minimum effort, maximum impact!

I chatted to a few influencers who are festival regulars about their festival style…

Dolly aka @BrokeDirtyBlonde - "My festival style is GO BIG during the day (outfit wise) as it’s dark in the evening and no one sees it as well. Also organise your outfits and accessories into packing cubes/bags from home as when you’re in a tent, it’s so much easier to sort your looks out.
I love my bumbags because you have hands free for hugging, dancing and holding your drink!"

Kerry @WardrobeofaMidlifeCrisis - "Hmm I guess my festival style is dressed down metallics/rock chic in the day and up the glitter and bling at dusk! Its gotta be comfy& layers are important! Bumbags are a great way to add extra outfit interest and carry the essentials and I love my studded bag from you too!"

Neens aka @Rants&BigPants - "My festival style is sequins! I love to add a sequin somewhere and also retro. As when I'm at a festival I'm usually seeing acts that I love from back in the day (think 70s & 80s) - so retro to be even more nostalgic totally works for me. Disko Kids have you totally covered there. My Leopard Print Bag is a dream. It's soooo easy to wear comfort comes from across the body wear. It's like a Mary Poppins bag, you'll be amazed at how much this bag of wonder holds. And leopard goes with ANYTHING. Even sequins!"

Hanna aka @The_Savvy_Mummy - "One of my staple pieces for the festival season ; Classic bumbag to keep all of your festival essentials in. Phone, Glowsticks, Glitter, toilet roll and maybe a cheeky rum and coke - All the necessity’s. Bring the summer vibes with this metallic, gold bumbag, perfect for any unitard …"

If you are off to any festivals this Summer and are taking a bumbag, kimono or anything else do take some pics and share! I would love to see them! 

Keira xx