How to pack light on holiday

How to pack light on holiday

It is ironic that I am writing this, as generally, unless I really have to, I do not have a tendency to pack light! Especially not in recent years as I want to take all of my accessories! However, this post was inspired by @StylebyKPA's reel on Instagram and I thought I would pack an imaginary case  using her principles and also suggest some accessories that will go with everything! So here goes...

1. Pack around a colour scheme to maximise outfit combinations.

I love the idea of using one colour as a base and use that to mix and match. However I looked at my wardobe and just wasn't sure what that colour was?! So in this case I would prob go with white/neutral (definitely in the way of tops, that can be mixed and matched. In her reel Karen uses pink as this colour. I think the key is knowing that you have enough things in this colour scheme that can be mixed and matched.

2. The more separates you pack = the more outfits. Co-ords are great for this.

After packing a few voluminous maxi dresses for my last holiday I whole heartedly agree with this.  I love a co-ord anyway and on holiday it makes perfect sense. My vintage style pyjama co-ord is great for holiday and can be worn together with a vest underneath. As shorts (for day over a bikini) or for evening with a bandeau top. Or the top can be worn as a jacket with denim shorts, or done up as a shirt. So many options! In fact this could form the basis of a colour scheme and you could pick out colours in it too. I also like the idea of once something has been worn for a night out, you can get a second wear of it in the daytime.

3. Pack versatile items that can be worn multiple ways.

Love this one. A linen shirt is a perfect example... travel in it. Wear it as a cover up on the beach. As a lightweight jacket or layer in the evening. A kimono is also a great one... wear from day to night. On the beach or at the pool as a cover up and then for the evening over a dress or cami. I did this with the Kimono Jacket and also the Lace Vintage Kimono. Another bonus is that they take up very little space yet add something extra to a very simple outfit of denim shorts and a silk vest or camisole. A swimming costume that doubles as a top.

4. Take neutral accessories that go with ALL of your outfits. You know I love an accessory. Tan leather is my colour of choice in the Summer, folllowed by metallic, then black. If you find it hard to pick one colour, think about what you will wear the most eg my most comfortable sandals that I wear most are tan, so I would want a bag that works with those. However if you are taking a couple of pairs of different sandals you want something that works with both. I took a cream leather bumbag away as my main bag as I know it works with tan leather sandals, black ones and metallics! Genius!  Choose a beach bag or hand luggage bag that works with all of your outfits. I am going to add in here that certain colours can work well with your holiday wardrobe if you are planing on taking one bag (I would recommend a leather bumbag / cross body bag be that one bag and that you may want to also consider colours like khaki, taupe, orange or a metallic that will go with everything as well as the obvious tan (cognac), black or cream.

If you want to add a different bag, adding something like the striped or checkerboard knitted shopper or the heart crochet bag is ideal. Both take up v little space and cane be used as a shopping bag should you need one.

If space is at a minimum but you still want to switch things up a bit a great way to do this is with jewellery or sunglasses (both of which can make a difference but take up v little space). 

Happy packing! You can find Karen at @stylebykpa and