Influencer Spotlight - Dolly aka Broke Dirty Blonde

Influencer Spotlight - Dolly aka Broke Dirty Blonde

Some accounts on Instagram always bring me joy and Dolly's is one of these!  A riot of colour, sparkles... she exudes happiness and always puts a smile on my face from her disco walks around London to her maximalist style.  Today I chatted to @brokedirtyblonde Grab a cuppa or a glass of something nice and enjoy...

How would you describe your style?

No rules and maximalist! Think details, lots of them: I will always add extra accessories to any look. When I get ready I will start with one piece and build from there, often looking for unusual combinations (a harness over a vintage dress) and mixing textures (feather and sequins). Comfort is a big consideration for me now as I am active: often trainers or cowboy boots will be found on my feet!

How long have you been on Instagram? Tell us a bit about your journey on there and what you share?

For years friends were telling me to jump onto Instagram but it wasn’t until 2019 that I took the plunge. It started as a personal style diary and a place to share my thoughts and ponderings. In the past, people used to come up to me in the street to talk to me about my style, now they do it online. And lots of them! It has made me realise that authentic style is something that can’t be bought and it is truly unique. Not everyone has it, not everyone wants it but I love it.

What is your favourite independent brand and why?

As well as Scott-Samuel (obviously) there are so many wonderful independent brands that I have come across on Instagram. Some that I love to ogle and fantasise about are Annie’s Ibiza, Heyami Stylist Shop and Discount Universe for cutting edge style and incredible pieces.

What is your favourite season to dress for?

As a Libra, I love autumn most of all: crisp days and bonfires! My maximalist tendencies are satiated in autumn as I can wear lots of pieces; combining textures, colours, layers and, of course, jewellery, shades and hats.

Favourite High Street shop and why?

Charity shops, which adorn all high streets now. I love the excitement of entering the shop and there being no guarantee that you’ll discover anything. But always that slim chance you might strike GOLD! Top Shop was the playground of my youth (after Chelsea Girl!) and you just could not beat the feeling of a Saturday day time in town with friends, sorting through the endless rails of the latest fashion.

What is your go-to look for dressing up?

To be honest, it is the same as my casual dressing below (read on) with the addition of lashes, heels and a feather jacket! There will always be chunky jewellery by the bucket load!

And your signature style for casual dressing?

Boiler suit, beret, shades and trainers! Simple, comfortable and versatile. Always with a killer lipstick!

What is your favourite accessory? Favourite piece from Scott-Samuel?

A smile. Always a smile! I love my silver Scott-Samuel leather bumbag and may have to upgrade to an X-Large version soon!

Are you a hoarder or a declutterer?

I am somewhere in the middle: I have lots of stuff - clothes, books, ornaments, treasures. But I only keep things that make me happy or have a purpose. I am good at letting things go and annually do a clear out and a Peckham Car Boot Sale. I worked with an incredible declutterer ( @tidylicious_home on Instagram.) She and I worked on my accessories: it was powerful to take it all out, let some of it go and reorganise. Now I can see what I have and therefore wear it more!

Best style advice/tip?

Don’t worry what anyone thinks: there are no rules. What you look like on the outside is only one part of your story. Style is about YOU.

Dream collab?

Not really a collab, but a seat on the couch with Lorraine or Loose Women would be great: a place where you can use your voice to speak to people and open up their minds. In this job I would also style myself and there would be no rules!!!!

Dolly! xx