Influencer Spotlight - Kirsty @Girlwithbellsandwhistles

Influencer Spotlight - Kirsty @Girlwithbellsandwhistles

Kirsty aka @girlwithbellsandwhistles is known for her bright and playful style. She never fails to put a smile on my face! 

How would you describe your style?

Loud, colourful, thoughtful pieces- I love vintage and second hand and I am a big advocate for buying well. I have a love of designer pieces (often bought in the sale) as I feel when you buy something that is more pricey, you put more thought into it before parting with the cash and then treat it better. Therefore, it stays in your wardrobe a lot longer and is worn with a lot of love!

How long have you been on Instagram? Tell us a bit about your journey on there and what you share?

I have been on Instagram for 6 years but only about 4.5 of those publicly. My friends were the ones who encouraged me. My friend Chloe said You should start sharing about your fashion on Instagram. People would love your crazy outfits!

I didn’t believe her at first as I didn’t actually think people would be interested but then I started putting outfit shots up and I got addicted to it!


What is your favourite independent brand and why?

I adore Mercantile London. Debra and her team are amazing at finding the best pieces and I just love going to the store in Spitalfields, East London. It’s like candy for the eyes. So many colours and fabrics to touch and hold up. I always end up spending too much in there! Debra is also amazing on her Instagram stories and they make you want to buy everything she shows!

What is your favourite season to dress for?

Oh gosh that’s hard as they are all so good for different reasons- I think Spring. We’ve all been huddled away in coats and boots for so long and then the sun starts to make an appearance and there is so much hope and joy in the air as the evenings start getting lighter! I love all the pastel colours that appear and the floral prints. Coats can start to be left at home and new experimenting with lighter items start to happen.

Favourite High Street shop and why?

I’m actually not a very big high-street shopper now, I used to be but then learnt lots about the damage of fast fashion and it really made me stop and think. But it’s not like I never buy from the highstreet. I have to say I think Mango quite often has some great pieces that look more expensive than they are and also And Other Stories.

What is your go-to look for dressing up?

Colour! I love colour and also sometimes sequins- dependingwhere you are going obviously! But a smattering of sequins never hurts anyone, and I think it can elevate a look.

And your signature style for casual dressing?

Jeans are always everyone’s staples aren’t they so a nice jumper, trainers and jeans. Or recently I’ve been loving hoodies and tracksuit bottoms or hoodies and wide leg trousers with a trainer. I always have trainers on as I have a 5 year old and a baby. I love the idea of wearing a heel but then look at them and realise that currently, that’s a ridiculous idea!!

What is your favourite accessory?

Gold chunky jewellery especially all my gold bangles- arm candy I call it and I feel lost if I don’t have at least 5 of them on my arm!

Are you a hoarder or a declutterer?

I’m a hoarder for a while and then I have a big clear out. My house has a lot of nick nacks around it- but I like it that way. My husband would say I hoard things, but all the items have meaning and I think they make the house look cosy. With my wardrobe I regularly go through and really think aboutwhether an item brings me joy anymore, or if I haven’t worn something for over a year, even if I love it, I make myself part with it as often it will just continue to sit in my wardrobe!

Best style advice/tip?

Be yourself, everyone else is taken 😃

Dream collab?

Something with Matches Fashion or Net a Porter would be incredible!

Thanks Kirsty! xx