Leather Trouser Styling

Leather Trouser Styling

“Well those are a bit 80’s” was the first thing my other half said when I showed him my new leather trousers. Result.

I had been after a pair of leather trousers for a while… wasn’t sure about leather joggers as felt that might be a bit short lived and wanted a more straight legged. classic pair with longevity. That I would love and wear for years. My leather biker I have had for about 8 or 9 years and I wanted the same in a pair of trousers. I found a great pair from Lindex, butter soft leather and a lovely flattering shape, bargain price. More on that later. Whether you are camp 'got to be the real deal' (afraid that is me, which is why all of our bags and quality Italian leather) or a pleather “vegan leather” fan, I am going to share some of my fave ways of styling leather or leather look trousers. Because if you get over treating them like a dressy, 'best' or 'going-out' item they can literally be worn almost all of the time. I wear mine with trainers, with boots, with jumpers with shirts…. Dress up and dress down. See them as the sister of the denim jean, albeit the slightly raunchier older sister who likes a good time. The sister you want to be friends with.  I do need to say that there are some very good vegan leather / PU versions out there that you may mistake (like me) for the real deal. As someone who normally insists on the real deal i have seen some outfits that I would have mistaken as leather.

Ways I am wearing my leather trousers (or aspiring to)…

With a white t shirt. Classic. Although a grey t shirt works equally well. This works with trainers (crackled gold hi top vans for me) or white trainers, or boots/ heels. Actually it works with any shoe because it is a classic. Gold jewellery aplenty.  I recently wore them with a black and gold T from @diskokids and a striped fur coat (pictured below) on my Insta and got a LOT of love for this. Any t shirt works really. Including the grey Clash T I stole/borrowed from my partners wardrobe to go with my “80s’ trousers”!

Swap the t shirt for a white shirt for a dressier look. French tuck optional. Hair up. Preferably slightly messy updo. Big earrings. Love this one.

With a jumper. Any jumper …. Polo neck, slouchy, stripy, cashmere, chunky or fine knit. Whatever floats your boat. To really make your leather trousers work hard for you, you want to be able to wear them all the time. Switching your jeans for your leather trousers is the quickest way. Instantly adds a luxe feel to any outfit, an edge. Makes it look like you made an effort. Like you are cool as f. Lol ok maybe the last bit is wishful thinking. I love Holly Willoughby in her leather culottes with camel knit and heels. Perfect. Oh s**t, now I want some leather culottes too...!

With an oversized blazer… with a shirt, t or cropped top if you like. If you have the abs. I don't.

All black. An easy one. I love this look, with a thin Polo neck for winter, switch up for a black T or vest as the weather gets warmer. Wear with chunky boots or heels for a dressier version.

Layered up. The shirt plus knit or hoodie over t . If it’s really cold add a hat and scarf. Oh and an oversized coat.

So there you are, leather trousers. The new best friend you never realised you were missing in your wardrobe.

Leather trousers @lindex @baukjen and some good vegan ones @tedbaker in the sale. For some more leather trouser love, check out our Pinterest board here.