Olga dressed as her comedy characters

Olga Thompson aka Big Fat Greek Mother

I would like to introduce you to my fabulous friend Olga. She is a very funny lady. She makes me spit out my coffee regularly. No exaggeration. Her comedy is so relatable… menopause, kids, school mums… nothing is off limits. I particularly love her characters and more recently the teen and partner texts she shares on Instagram. See below for some examples. 

So Olga tell is a bit about how you got into comedy? 

"My comedy career began after I had my breakdown after the birth
of my 3rd son. It was a way of reclaiming myself. I knew what it
meant as like to be in a dark place and I never wanted anyone
else to feel like that. I started writing songs and making up
characters and making these little videos on YouTube. People
seemed to like them. To be fair they were mostly my friends and
family so had no choice."

Have you always wanted to make people laugh?

"Always, it’s my earliest memory. My parents were immigrants to the U.K.
and I started school not speaking any English. I was the chubby
glasses wearing Greek kid and got bullied mercilessly. Comedy
was my thing and no one could take it away from me. As long
as I made the bullies laugh they couldn’t hurt me. I did little
shows for everyone and did impersonations of Cilla Black,
Margaret Thatcher and Kylie."

Tell us about your show (my big fat menopause)?

"Menopause hit me just like it did my mother at a
young age. It was really hard to navigate I was only just 40. The
show is my way of making sense of it all and taking the
audience along with me. There are lots of funny stories about
getting older and celebrating that! Expect plate smashing and
knicker flinging. Opa!"

Career highlight so far?

"Definitely having my Edinburgh Fringe show El Greco of Hornsey hit all 4 star acclaim. Also winning an award recently for my comedy short film was a
lovely boost.

You draw a lot from your upbringing and your mums hair
salon. Are your family supportive?

"They are my biggest supporters also where do you think all my material comes from? My big fat Greek family!. I’ve written lots of comedy about
growing up in my mamas 80s hair salon. It was wild! It wasn’t
just a hairdressers it was a community centre, a restaurant, a
church, it was a place for everyone to belong. I learnt so much
watching all the weird and wonderful characters enter the salon;
especially Chinese Margaret who would travel on the bus to the
salon with her parrot and we always had halloumi ready for it as
it was his favourite. In many ways that little salon it was my first
theatre school."

What’s your dream gig?

"My dream gig is to have my own tv show. It’s been a long road but bear with it’s coming."

I have every faith in you Olga! Now for the teen texts...

Uplifting texts from your teens... 

Pick me up now, but round the corner.

Close my door

My friend is here, can you not come in my bedroom.

Man is here to fix the washing machine - where is it!!!

It's FREEZING in this house, like I am in actual pain.

I'm a big child. I can't survive off for for £6

My friend is here, can you be normal.

Don't talk to anyone when you watch me play my match this afternoon.

God mum its not that deep.

My hair is more important than school.

Can I get my own fridge for my bedroom.

Er hello??? WIFI not working!!!!

WHY did you comment on my post.

Sexy texts from my man

Any washing machine news?

Bin bags are the wrong size

I'm dumping. Gonna be a while.

WAIT! We can choose a toilet seat together!

Did you say chicken pies?

Want to go on a date to Wickes?

Great news I can get my toothpaste on prescription.

Where do they keep the eggs in Morrisons?

Can you get more haemorrhoid cream?

Only if I’m allowed to eat my crisps next to you.

You can find Olga on Instagram l@big_fat_greekmother enjoy! Xx