Oversized Balaclava Styling

Oversized Balaclava Styling

I would like to introduce you to the Oversized Balaclava, a trend I spotted last year and was not entirely sure was for me if I am all honest. Well I have done a 100% turnaround. So what changed? Well sometimes the more you see something the more normal it becomes but with these I think they are a much flattering shape and size than a traditional balaclava. Lots of the ones I have previously seen and have seen on the high street are a tighter fit and not so flattering. 

These oversized balaclava hoods are shaped almost rectangular so the back is almost a little point (like a hood) and makes them look very chic. They are oversized, which means you can wear them down like a snood / keeping your neck warm and then pop them over your head when you want. The oversized factor means that you don't get hat hair in the way you would with a beanie or a tighter hat.  £30 each.

I actually love the look of them worn down as well as up. They are super soft. Had a few questions asking if they are itchy. Quite the opposite, they are gorgeous and soft to wear (an angora and mohair mix) Pictured above with the brown leather woven basket.

I'd love to know what you think? Would you wear a balaclava? xx

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