Scarf hood balaclava hack

Scarf hood balaclava hack

You might have seen this trend on TikTok or Instagram. Here I show you how to do it and try it out with some of our scarves. So before I start I need to tell you that Balaclavas are in fashion. If this is news to you, I am sorry to be the one to break it but they are. I couldn’t quite believe it myself at first but then I saw some people looking good in them. Yes, that is correct. The difference between these balaclavas and the bank robber kind is that they are a looser fit. If you have a fringe or some hair coming out at the front, they can look cute. Yes I said cute and balaclava in the same sentence.

Anyway I digress… the trend or hack as they are called by the Insta style crew is to tie your scarf into a hood shape, like a balaclava! Ta-da. Not a bank robber in site!

  1. So to do this you need a scarf and you start by putting your scarf on backwards, with the long length of it at the front.
  2. You then pull the two ends back around the front of your neck and tuck them into the main section
  3. How long the ends hang down depends on the scarf length and thickness but you can have a play to get it right.
  4. Then pull the back section up and over your head.
  5. Add sunglasses and off you go!

Would I wear it on the nursery run? Probably not, unless it was raining. Would I wear it to the supermarket… also prob not!

Although saying that, I actually did fashion something like this when I got caught in the rain the other day and I have definitely wrapped up like this on a v windy beach walk before, so who knows maybe I will. Will you??

Keira x