The Leather Bumbag Comparison…

The Leather Bumbag Comparison…

In case you hadn’t noticed we have a lot of leather bumbags or cross body bags as I know some of you like to call them! I like bumbags and it seems you do too! The great thing about leather Bumbags is that they can be dressed up or down, worn in different ways. Cross body (in various different ways due to the adjustable straps, to suit your preference or your size and body shape), they can be worn with different styles from sporty to smart to boho. We have customers who are 18 and who are 80 and I LOVE this so much. It’s a fab bag that will fit into your life.

When I started the business one of the products I launched with was “The Leather Bumbag” in 3 colours. We now have more colours than I can count… options for gold or silver hardware, metallic bumbags and colours I have had custom designed. That is just in that size! That bag has over 150 5 x star reviews!!!

But some of you wanted a bigger bumbag and so I listened… So next came the Large and the XL, then the small and now the Large with exposed zips and the washed leather bumbag too!

I thought I would take you through the bags, show some pics and make suggestions as to when you might use that bag and how much you can fit in it.

Before I start, I should say that all of the bumbags are beautiful quality Italian leather, are handmade and come in a protective dustbag. Lots of our customers have more than one bumbag and some have quite a collection, as they are so good! Right here goes…

The Small Leather Bumbag - £45 This is a slightly smaller than what I am calling the regular and is a structured bumbag. It has one zip. This bag is great for nights out, teens, a dog walk or places where you don’t need much stuff.

The Leather Bumbag - £49.50 As I said already our most popular bag. I am going to refer to it as the “regular”. This is often called the Mary Poppins of bags and it can fit loads more in than you would imagine. A great tip for getting even more in is to downsize your purse too. I promise you, once you do this you will not look back!! Leather purses are £18 can fit 6 or so cards in and have a coin purse space too. Ditch those enormous purses ladies!!! I use this every day and I know loads of you do too. It is perfect for everything… shopping, school run, park trips, nights out, everything. I get all I need in there and it’s def my fave size. It’s small enough that you can keep it on while you do stuff which makes it even more practical as a cross body bag. I keep it on while driving. You won’t ever forget/ lose this bag as you will be wearing it!

Dimensions 25 x 15 x 7cm (strap 124cm when fully extended)


The Large Leather BumBag - £59.50 The Large is also a great day to day bumbag, works well day to night and everything that its little sister does, but it just gives you a bit more space. For those who might want to carry an umbrella say, hat and gloves or kids snacks, this bag is the one for you. It has concealed zips and the hardware on the strap is silver (although as the zips are concealed, this is not that noticeable). It has a zip pocket on the back, which is perfect for keys or phone.

It has an adjustable strap but it is a fixed strap, so you can’t swap out the strap.

Dimensions 34 x 19 x 11cm. (Strap 96cm when fully extended).

The Large Bumbag (Exposed Zips)- £59.50 As above this is the same size as the Large, so fits everything  but just looks slightly different. It has exposed silver hardware (more similar in looks to the XL), has removable straps, if you want to change them. It also has a zip pocket on the back, which is perfect for keys or phone.

Dimensions 36 x 18 x 9cm. Strap length max 96cm

The XL BumBag £69.50 – The XL is the biggest bumbag and is quite a bit bigger than the Large. It is a great work bag/ gym bag/ baby bag… a bag for those of you who like to carry more stuff around. It has two main sections. Exposed silver hardware. An inner zipped pocket. Although this is a big bag, it can look a lot smaller depending on how much you fill it and whether you wear it on the front or side.

Dimensions 46 x 26 x 9cm. Strap is 85cm when fully extended.

Image below.


The Washed Leather BumBag – £60 this is a new bumbag. It’s similar in size to the regular. The process for washed leather is very different to our other bags and this makes it more expensive. It is super soft and washed leather has a distinctive look and feel and is naturally more prone to scuffing. This adds to its character though and each bag will age in a unique way. This bag definitely has a boho, casual feel and is a gorgeous Spring / Summer bag.

Dimensions 34 x 18 x 9. Strap max length 78cm (this is the shortest strap of all the bumbags so will not fit everyone. I am going to speak to my supplier about doing a longer strap version.

We have LOTS of other leather cross body bags so do check them out if you are after something different! Also a v quick special mention to the Utility Bag, which is a cross body bag and not a bumbag but similar ish. Here's a pic below as it's a gorgeous bag. £65

If you have any questions about any of our bags, get in touch and I will be happy to help.
Keira xx