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Crochet Heart Shoppers

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Super cute Heart Crochet Shoppers. Spring and Summer all rolled to one in a cute little bag! These are great holiday bags, popping to the shops bags (maybe not your full weekly shop), any occasion where you need something more than your handbag or bumbag. They roll up to next to nothing so can be easily transported and they add a pop of colour and happiness to your outfit. What’s not to love?? Wear this bag and I pretty much guarantee you’ll get at least one “I love your bag” or “where did you get your bag from?” comment.  

I also love the fact that if you’re going on holiday you can easily pack them as they don’t take up much space.

The easiest way to add a bit of crochet to your outfit too!

dimensions 35cm width x 58cm height 

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What’s not to like, it’s perfect 💚