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Satin Under Cap

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This is your new best friend, a complete game changer. The satin or jersey under cap or under hat sits under your beanie hat and means that...

a) you don't get 'hat hair'! This allows you to wear a beanie out for example on the way somewhere and remove it when you get there and your hair will be fine! So you can be warm!

b) you don't get a big line across your forehead when you remove your hat.

c) you don't need to wash your hat (wash your cap instead)

d) You don't get an itchy head!

You all went crazy for this on my Insta stories. Available in black or beige (in jersey or satin). The jersey version is very similar and jersey is often used to reduced frizz on curly or wavy hair. 

One size fits most.


Customer Reviews

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How did we ever live without these!

Bought 3 satin under caps for the ladies in our family. Yes, because of the colour & fabric, we’ve nicknamed them our ‘hair pants’ but they are wonderful. Once you get the hang of putting the cap on under your hat & taking it off together WITH your hat, no one else is any the wiser. Yet they keep hair nicely flat & straight under a hat (as well as being very comfortable to wear & offering another layer of warmth). We absolutely love them.


Stops hat hair in its tracks


Great for keeping hair in place without getting hat hair

Fiona Fleet

Fits easily under my bobble hat. Hair is easier to shake out. I find the edging quite tight around my head which puts me off using it more often.


This Satin Under Cap really is a thing of wonder, it does what it says on the tin! No hat hair, no knitted lines across forehead and in this cold weather it’s an extra layer of protection against the elements.
I was sceptical when I bought it I’ll admit but it really does make a difference. Buy one you won’t regret it.