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The Knitted Shopper

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The Stretchy Knitted Shopper or Tote Bag comes in stripes or checkerboard and you lot went crazy over this one on Instagram! These little bags are perfect for occasions when you need a bit more than your handbag or bumbag will hold. I used mine for a park trip to carry water and an umbrella. Also great for popping to the shops if you only need a few bits, as a lunch bag for work, a beach bag.

Please note these are grab handle shoppers and don’t fit on your shoulder. 

Bag dimensions: 30cm x 15cm (main body of the bag) handle height 20cm

When your bag arrives it may appear creased. Putting something in it to stretch it out will help it's appearance and the creases will soon naturally drop out.




Customer Reviews

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Harald Kubel

The Knitted Shopper


It’s gift wrapped for Christmas but it looks lovely. I especially liked how the owner/ member of staff reached out after I had placed the order. Lovely personal touch. Thank you


Perfect little shopping bag, great colour. Really good quality stretch knit.

Lovely, but not practical

Unfortunately it is too small, even for small essentials shopping. It’s more of a fashion statement rather than a practical piece. Bigger version that would go on your shoulder would be amazing.


Perfect little grab - bag! Handy to roll up and use for a small trip to shops or for days when you just need to throw the basics in a bag and go! Will use it lots - already looking at other colourways!